DigiPals features:

  • Fits all types and sizes of smart phones including iPhone and iPod touch
  • Keeps your device free of fingerprints and scratches
  • The entire device is made from microfiber suede material
  • Both the inside (and outside) can be used to clean a device screen
  • Has an extra zipper compartment for change, personal items, etc.
  • Machine washable

These cute mobile device companions feature a microfiber compartment fitted for most Smartphones, MP3 players and small point-and-a-shoot cameras on the market today.  While securely housed in the DigiPal with its zipper closure, users can clean their device’s screen by gently rubbing the DigiPal over the screen. The mobile device companions also feature an additional zippered compartment ideal for carrying essentials including school IDs, money, earbuds or lip balm. While designed with kids in mind, parents and teens will love cleaning and protecting their mobile electronics with these device companions, too.

DigiPals are fun and trendy animal designs kids will want to show off to all their friends. Our mobile device companions are the ideal accessory for protecting children’s devices in school bags, sports bags and purses, shielding phones and music players from kid’s hectic lives. DigiPals are machine washable to ensure users will continually be able to cuddle and clean their mobile device screens for years to come.