Don’t Clean Your Screens With Just Anything

For years you were told to clean a screen use window cleaner and paper towels or use a little rubbing alcohol and a rag. So why should this be different for any cleaning you want to perform on your laptop? Also, monitor/screen manufacturers advise consumers not to spray their new LCD Panel, Plasma Screen or […]

Are You a Type A or B Cleaning Personality?

In this dirty, filthy world where fingerprints reign supreme there are two types of cleaners. There’s the Type A cleaner who’s moving at the speed of light, wants to get the job done effectively, but quickly. There’s the Type B cleaner who’s still moving pretty quickly, but wants to do the job thoroughly so they […]

To Spray or Not to Spray?

It is surprising that in our advanced world of technology how many people are still uncertain about how to clean or with what to clean their television, monitor, mobile or tablet screen. And with good cause. There are many products out there. Some good. Some not so good. Here are some of the top tips […]

What’s Better for Cleaning Screen Technology?

What’s Better for Cleaning Screen Technology – Pre-Moistened Wipes or a Screen Spray + Microfiber Cloth? The answer really depends on you, the consumer. Are you looking for a quick, cleaning solution that is safe, but may not be perfect? Or are you looking for that ultimate clean that returns your screen surface to a […]