Don’t Clean Your Screens With Just Anything

For years you were told to clean a screen use window cleaner and paper towels or use a little rubbing alcohol and a rag. So why should this be different for any cleaning you want to perform on your laptop? Also, monitor/screen manufacturers advise consumers not to spray their new LCD Panel, Plasma Screen or laptop flat screen with any type of cleaning agent. Quite the contrary, these manufacturers recommend a dry, lint-free cleaning.

First, we need to set a few things straight. Today’s screens have a special coating that can easily be scratched when using the wrong combination of products. Paper towels and rags can easily scratch this coating leaving you with a horrible “added” viewing experience. Second, alcohol can leave streaks and unwanted fingerprints when used on these coated surfaces.

The NEW Screen Shammy from Dust-Off is just such a solution. This suede-like microfiber cleaning cloth is ideal for the safe, effective removal of dust, lint, and smudges from today’s sensitive screen technology. The Screen Shammy is also machine washable for continued use.

When used with Dust-Off Screen Sprays, cleaning you laptop’s screen is now quick, safe and easy.

Dust-Off Screen Sprays are:

  • Scientifically engineered for today’s screens.
  • Provide a slow drip spray formula that prevents solution runs down the front of the screen.
  • Harmless to skin.
  • Best used with Microfiber cloth that is washable.
  • Available with Portable packaging.

Keep these additional items in mind when cleaning with Dust-Off:

  1. Turn off screen or device before using Dust-Off Screen Spray. Allow to cool before using.
  2. For best results use the Dust-Off Screen Shammy.
  3. Only a small amount of screen spray liquid is necessary.
  4. Wipe screen with minimum pressure with Dust-Off Screen Shammy.
  5. Always check to see that Shammy is free of any abrasive contaminants. NOTE: Most modern screens have anti-glare coating that can easily be scratched.
  6. CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach o