iPhone 5 Accessories Survival Guide

All the Accessories You Need to Keep Your iPhone 5 Safe and Running Like New


The iPhone has become such a vital part of people’s lives today,” commented Jennifer Rappaport, Marketing Manager at Dust-Off. “Users are looking for the best ways to protect and extend the life of their investment. That is why we at Dust-Off® are committed to educating users on extending the life of their iPhone. Our line of Smart Phone Screen Cleaners features a no-run formula and a Screen Shammy™ Microfiber Cloth that is designed to safely remove dirt, grime, and fingerprints to help reduce the buildup of dust over time, resulting in less cleaning and reduced risk of damage.

Top tips and accessories for keeping the hottest new mobile device, Apple’s iPhone 5, working like new.

  • Keep It Properly Charged- It is important to have a variety of chargers so the iPhone 5 is always ready for use, but make sure not to overcharge the device. Overcharging can lead to a shortened lifespan for the phone’s battery, causing consumers to replace the battery or phone sooner than if it was properly charged. To reduce overcharging unplug the phone as soon as it finishes its recharge.
  • Keep It Well Protected- To prevent the iPhone 5 from getting dents, scratches and cracks, it is necessary to keep the device well protected with a case and screen protector. A tough and protective case can stop any major damage to the phone’s body when it’s dropped. A screen protector stops scratches on the iPhone 5’s sensitive touch screen that can happen with every day use.
  • Keep It Clean, The Right Way- It is important to keep the iPhone 5’s sensitive touch screen clean, the right way, whether it is covered with a screen protector or not. Most cleaning products and clothes can scratch and damage the screen. Dust-Off provides a variety of screen cleaning sprays, like their Smart Phone Cleaning Kit, that safely clean the iPhone 5 screen without any harsh chemicals that can cause damage. All of Dust-Off’s products also work with screen protectors to keep the iPhone 5 free of fingerprints, dust and grime, without affecting the protector.

All of Dust-Off’s Smart Phone screen cleaning products are currently available and can be purchased athttp://www.dust-off.com/shop/category/smart-phones.