It’s National Cleaning Week

National Cleaning Week is on March 24-30. With an array of products to choose from with Dust-Off, consumers’ electronic cleaning needs will be covered at home or at the office.


This is the time of year when people are highly motivated to turn their homes upside down in an effort to eradicate dust and grime. However, what they may not realize is that their pricy gadgets need the same attention as the rest of their home. The problem is that expensive gadgets can easily be ruined by the household cleaners consumers use on the rest of their home. Dust-Off makes a number of products designed to keep electronics in the home clean and dirt free.

Consider these products for home electronics cleaning:

  • Dust-Off’s Ultimate Screen Care Kit is the ideal cleaning solution for electronics in the home. With the ability to be used on all kinds of screens, including LCD/Plasma TVs, computer monitors and tablets, this kit includes 50ml Screen Spray, microfiber cloths including: Screen Shammy for use on various devices, Plasma Screen Cloth, CD/DVD Cloth for media disks, Sweep mobile cleaning pad. Also, all components are packaged in a zippered storage case that helps consumers keep supplies neat and organized
  • Spring cleaning is also the ideal time to clean out your child’s favorite gaming system. When gaming gear collects dust it has a big impact on its performance. To avoid lint and dust from building up around cooling fans try Dust-Off’s Game Gear Cleaning Kit. This kit will ensure that gaming equipment is running at maximum performance levels, and will help avoid potential system crashes that are sometimes associated with dust build up. The Game Cleaning Kit also comes with a specially formulated spray that is ideal for cleaning gaming discs and screens.

Spring Cleaning is not limited to just the home, consumers’ mobile devices and in-car gadgets can get just as dirty. Smartphones are constantly exposed to grime and facial oils that are difficult to clean, and in-car navigation and radio touch screens will collect fingerprints that make displays hard to see. Falcon portable screen cleaners are ideal for on-the-go cleaning and are simple to store in the car, a purse or briefcase.

  • With Dust-Off’s Portable Screen Cleaning Kit, anyone can safely and easily clean their smartphone on-the-go. The pen-sized pump spray and cloth come in an easy to store compact package. The portable screen cleaner offers a safe and effective solution for removing smudges and fingerprints from all mobile devices.
  • Built-in touchscreens and GPS system have become standard in cars today and are marred with dirt, grime and fingerprints. Dust-Off’s Electronics Screen Wipes are quick drying for on-the-go clean up, are safe to use daily and keep in-car devices looking like new.

All of Dust-Off’s screen cleaning products are currently available and can be purchased at: