What’s Better for Cleaning Screen Technology?

Womanwithsign2What’s Better for Cleaning Screen Technology – Pre-Moistened Wipes or a Screen Spray + Microfiber Cloth?

The answer really depends on you, the consumer. Are you looking for a quick, cleaning solution that is safe, but may not be perfect? Or are you looking for that ultimate clean that returns your screen surface to a like-new shine?

If you are a quick-clean type of personality, who doesn’t require perfection; pre-moistened cleaning wipes will suffice for you. They are safe and effective and disposable and cost efficient.

If you are someone who wants the best or is looking for optimal results than your solution is a cleaning spray and a microfiber. The level of cleaning provided by the tandem of products exceeds that of a simple pre-moistened wipe. There is a little more work involved as you should take care of your microfiber and clean it out every once in awhile. But the results are outstanding.